2 Popular Ways to Backup WordPress Blog (+ Best Backup Plugins)

When we work online, the problem comes without knocking on our door. Being a blogger for the past 4 years, I know the importance of making timely backup copies of my blog. As WordPress runs on a web host, there are many possible problems that can arise with your blog, at any time.

Like –

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  • Your hosting company may close.
  • Your hosting company suspects that your WordPress blog has high memory
  • A hacker hacks your blog.
  • Accidentally deletes or corrupts your WordPress database
  • If someone injects malicious code into your themes (mainly happens with free themes)
  • If you lose complete data from your site, etc.

I know that what I am talking about may sound like a hypothetical situation to you, but in reality, it happens to many users. The only thing you can do to ensure your peace of mind is: make a timely backup of your WordPress blog.

In which WordPress folders should you make a backup?

I know, you’ve heard a lot of time about

My advice : choose any backup system, until it is not part of the main accommodation. Try to keep a remote backup, and different from your hosting account.

For a WordPress blog, you should make a timely backup of these two:

  • WordPress Database
  • WP Content Folder

With its WP -contained, and base file data, you can restore your blog in any hosting. In addition, you can also keep a backup copy of your .htaccess and Robots.txt file.

3 ways to make a complete backup of the WordPress blog:

I have tried many methods, and these days I am using Jetpack to manage my multiple WordPress blogs and to backup WordPress. Here are some other options along with Jetpack. Most of the following methods are FREE, you can use to store and create automatic backups of WordPress sites.

The best WordPress backup add-ins

WordPress has a wide range of add-ons in your directory, the following are the best backup add-ons you can use to make a backup of your WP sites.

1. Jetpack (Early VaultPress)

2 popular ways to backup wordpress blog best backup plugins

VautlPress is a premium tool to support your WP sites. It is a subscription-based security, protection and backup service for WordPress blogs.

VaultPress features are:

  • You can make a backup of your content in real time (this means that every time you receive a new blog comment, publish a post or update a page on your blogs, VaultPress will automatically back up those files!
  • Security analyzes will be performed daily (if VaultPress finds any security threat, it will be notified automatically)
  • Restoring the backup files is as easy as 1 -2-3 (you can restore the backup files via FTP, SFTP or SSH)

You can get all the above functions using VaultPress. VaultPress offers three pricing plans-

 VaultPress pricing plans

  • $ 3.50 / month Personal plan
  • $ 9 / month Premium
  • $ 29 / month Professional plan

Download Backup Jetpack

2. Updraft Plus:

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With more than 1 million downloads Updraftplus is the most popular WordPress backup plug-in on the market. This addon has free and PRO versions and you can choose one according to your requirements.

Once Updraftplus is installed and activated, you can schedule and automate your WordPress backup. The premium version allows you to store your backup in your own cloud called Updraft Vault storage. If you wish, you can also use Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon web services, FTP server or Rackspace cloud files.

 Functions of UpdraftPlus PRO

There is no need to be confused with so many options as a complement comes with a practical guide to help you set up your own backup system for WordPress. Everything is graphic and anyone without technical skills can also use the Updraft plus plugin to make a backup copy of the WordPress website. This add-on is also useful when you are changing WordPress hosting.

Download the Updraft plus plug-in

3. BackWPup:

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This is an essential complement to make a backup of your WP sites, this complement is an all-terrain when it comes to making a backup of your WordPress blogs.

This add-on can be a backup –

  • Databases
  • Export to WP XML
  • Optimize databases (can also repair databases)
  • File backups [19659030] You can store backup copies in the folder, FTP server, Google storage, Dropbox, etc.
  • You can save the backup by email

Download the BackWPup plug-in

2. Make a backup of your WordPress sites using the hosting provider

Another best way to backup your blog is by using your hosting provider. If you are using any managed WordPress hosting like Kinsta’s, WPEngine, then you don’t need to worry about backing up on your own. Since these hosting companies make daily backups in an offshore location.

The case may or may not be the same when a shared hosting company is used. The only thing you need to check with your hosting company is; if they are storing the backup on a remote server or on the same server.

If it is the same server on which you are taking a backup, then it does not serve as a server failure means that you will not have access to your backup as well. However, many shared hosting companies such as BlueHost, HostGator make backup copies of offshore locations, which is good enough.

Here, I will show you how to backup your entire blog using HostGator CPanel.

Follow these steps:

  • Enter your cPanel (Hosting Control Panel)
  • Click on Backups
  • Click on Generate Full Backup
  • Select the home directory [19659004] Enter your email to receive notification after backup
  • Click Generate Backup
  • download the full backup file through cPanel / FTP

Note : You can only create cPanel backups of 4 GB or less. If your backup is larger than 4 GB, you should contact HostGator support for help to avoid the limit. The duration of the backup depends on the size of your blog.

What do I recommend?

Of all the above options, the most reliable is VaultPress, but it is not free. Taking a full backup of WordPress in your Dropbox account is also a good idea. You can use any of the methods mentioned above, provided you are backing up the database and the WP content folder.

Let me know what method you are using to back up your WordPress website? [19659067] <! –


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