7 Search Engine Optimization Mistake”s Solutions

Search Engine Optimization Mistakes and Solutions on many websites, webmasters found that the primary source of website traffic came from search engines. So they You want to get the best search engine placements through Search Engine Optimization.

Based on years of SEO experience, I pointed out some common mistakes and cleared some of the lights to fix them.

1. Can not search engines be indexed?

Apparel ERP software solution provider came to me and asked me. “I have opened a new website for a year and the SEO company only finds my website on the search engine only when I enter my domain name http://www.indigo8-solutions.com in search engines ”

Oh, I told them I was fooled by the SEO company. You can find your website by entering your domain name in the search box. This means that your website has not been banned. Interestingly, the domain name of an SEO company is no longer on Google. Their domain has been banned.

In order to identify the actual problem, we found the following on our search engine:

a. If you enter your domain name in the search field, your site will appear in search results. Instead of displaying the Title Tag

in search results, the search engine only displays the domain name.

b. Only one page is being indexed.

What is the problem?

If you look closely at the coding, you can use Javascript at the top of the web page

The title, company name, display content, and website menu actually have difficulty reading JavaScript code from many search engines.


Save the JavaScript to an external js file and keep the web page as plain HTML code. Search engines generally have problems with Java crawling. Because the entire site navigation menu is written in JavaScript, you need to create a sitemap using plain HTML so that the search engine can read all the pages.

One more tip: If search engines can not index your site blindly someone

Prohibited. First look at the structure of your website, make sure your coding is poor,

“Reads” your website.

Problems generated with Javascript are not uncommon these days. Very large Asia

Market Research Firm We are also committing this error. They are now starting to fix it.

2. Link building

In many forums, some people strongly associate exchange and argue that it is a demon and would hurt your search.

Rank engines and even ban you.

I personally disagree. Many top sites are performing link exchanges, and all top sites

Major search engines. Link exchange has also been used for a long time to build traffic on small websites. I do

The search engine does not know the reason to block the search engine to promote your website using this simple and long-used method.

Actually, link exchange is only a problem when manipulating link text for pure purpose to deceive search engines. You can purchase hundreds of domain names and create cross-links with your site.

The workarounds to avoid link exchange are:

  • – Use a variety of link text
  • – Link exchange with sites
  • – Similar topics
  • – Emphasize the amount of traffic you can get from link partners instead of search engine rankings.

Some webmasters know the importance of link exchange. But I think they spend most of their time and finally give it up. You may want to consider using Linkautomate.com to manage your links. This kind of software saves time on link confirmation and link page updates.

3. Using Flash Intro

Web design companies are working hard to convince Flash to use its introduction as a homepage. You think “Wow!”.

Animations are so fascinating that your site looks more attractive.

Unfortunately, Flash is not a text search engine, according to Sichesa’s “How to Design Website Guides” search engine silver

Flash. They just treat Flash as an embedded object or graphics. If you use Flash Intro as your homepage, you will not get a good ranking.

Many Flash introductions also do not provide meaningful, meaningful content to visitors. Ask your visitors.

Interested in reading the Flash Intro before going straight to website content?

For more information about using Flash, ask yourself if the introduction to Flash is really useful and can provide additional information to visitors. Second, instead of the Flash homepage,

The contents of the homepage.

4. Hidden text and meta tags

Webmasters understand that keyword density is a way to increase search engine ranking, and some webmasters use technology

was called “keyword fills.” Repeatedly put keywords into your webpage. “Keyword 1, Keyword 2, …. Keyword

1, Keyword 2 …. “Well, I know everyone does not understand visitors, so the” smart “webmaster

I can not see the text. For example, specify text color equal to background color.

Unfortunately this trick no longer works. Search engines can detect this and use this nonsense technology to penalize websites. If you do not want to penalize your site, delete this text immediately if you adopt this method.

Ok, some webmasters put their keywords in the meta keyword tags, which are areas where you can put keywords. I’m sorry to say that the meta keyword tag’s fill keyword is not good. You can repeat the keyword up to 3 times. Nowadays, search engines do not focus on or emphasize meta keyword tags. So, what are the key points to putting yourself at risk?

5. Using dynamic pages

Many Web sites use the Content Management System (CMS) to create web pages. Dynamic page creation

Website development, CMS typically uses dynamic pages. However, search engines have difficulty understanding and understanding spiders.

To work around this problem, you can consider using Mod Rewrite if you are using an Apache server or you have a CMS that you can create

Static HTML page

6. Become a PageRank freak

Many search engine marketers are focusing too much on the PageRank of their websites. Every day, they are checking to tell the pagerank.

Perform link building based on page rank only. In fact, pagerank is the only element Google decides to search for.

Engine ranking. It also does not affect the rankings of other search engines such as Yahoo or MSN. If you’re too worried

As for pagerank, you will finally ignore other important optimization criteria.

Thus, pagerank is one of many factors and you should remind yourself repeatedly that you can not work on it.

7. Trust Sandbox Too

Some webmasters suggest that a new website can not be added to Google’s sandbox to get a higher ranking.

Very competitive keywords. Their website can not get a ranking after a year, but they still believe it.

Sandbox effect. Even Yahoo says it has a sandbox, a sandbox on MSN, and so on.

There is no clue that such a sandbox occurs in Google’s patent information. In my experience, if your site can not rank high on new, competing keywords, it’s because there are more websites installed on search engines

World. For example, inbound links, content, and more. As a result, webmasters should not focus on finding ways to get out of the sandbox. Instead, you need to focus more on link building and content optimization. In the end, your website ranks up.