AliDropship Review 2019 – is It Worth Buying This WordPress Plugin?

 AliDropship Review

Ready to start your own dropshipping business? Not so fast …

Usually, I immerse myself immediately with these add-on reviews, but here I wanted to leave some definitions at the top. Prepare to move backwards while reading, because it is not exactly easy!

  • Alibaba : this is the Chinese company that owns and AliExpress.
  • is your website / directory that allows you to connect with Asian manufacturers, usually to obtain bulk orders.
  • AliExpress: is consumer oriented, because you can buy individual products. They also offer dropshipping by sending items directly to their chosen address.
  • AliDropship : it is a platform that allows you to create a dropshipping business by selling AliExpress products. You can buy a readymade direct shipping business, host your site with them or simply use your plugin for your WordPress site. This is what I will write today.

And for the WordPress side of things:

  • is the platform that allows you to create a hosted WordPress website. You can not use add-ons with it, so it is not possible to send with direct shipping.
  • allows you to download WordPress software and install it in your hosting. You can install all your add-ons, including …
  • WooCommerce : the number one e-commerce add-on for WordPress websites.

Finally, AliDropship has two WordPress plugins one that works with a standard website, and one designed specifically to integrate with WooCommerce: it’s called AliDropship Woo Plugin .

Okay! I hope that was not too confusing. Now let’s start analyzing it with the pros and cons of the AliDropship add-on for WordPress.

Advantages of AliDropship:

First, let’s talk about AliExpress professionals. It allows to sell more than 100M products of 100K + suppliers. There’s not much you can not find there, from lightsaber umbrellas to straps for hamsters.

About AliExpress suppliers
AliExpress allegedly reviews the “reliable” providers listed on the platform. However, it is not uncommon for scammers to slip through the cracks. Dropshipping is always a risk, so common sense applies. Read the buyer’s comments. Try to measure your communication. It is always advisable that you buy a product for yourself to see how quickly it arrives at your home, especially before a wholesale order.

Delivery is available in more than 200 countries through many suppliers (UPS, FEDEX, DHL, TNT, etc.). Shipping is often free and includes order tracking. Your buyer protection system is also good, as it includes a money back guarantee.

Now, the AliDropship add-on allows you to:

  • Import AliExpress products to your site with just one click
  • Import AliExpress product reviews
  • Choose customizable and mobile-friendly themes
  • Integrate dropshipping with your WooCommerce store
  • Integrated marketing functions to send emails and create coupons
  • Automate prices according to your personalized rules
  • Access to product tracking and analysis from your dashboard
  • Access free support
  • Automate plug-in updates
  • Add unlimited products

Disadvantages of AliDropship:

Dropship, Kick Back, Relax? Not exactly

In addition to the disadvantages listed above, I will add the standard challenges of starting a dropshipping business in 2019. Namely: it is a highly competitive business model and the gold rush is quite

] In fact, one of the biggest myths about direct shipping is that you can configure it and see how profits increase. That is not true at all.

  • You must still request customer orders manually from supplier.
  • Customer support is your load.
  • Online marketing is difficult and competitive. You will need to invest a lot for people to visit your site (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, etc.).

In summary: you should treat it as a full-time job to make money with that (despite what they will make you believe in the AliExpress success stories).

How much does it cost to start with AliDropship?

While using AliExpress is completely free, you should still consider other overhead costs. First, of course, is the price of the AliDropship add-on. This is a one-time payment of $ 89, and gives you both the standard complement and the AliDropship Woo add-on.

 AliDropship add-on price

Then, regardless of the add-on, you must include hosting WordPress sites (between $ 12 and $ 30 per month with Siteground, for example). You can find cheaper accommodation, but for an e-commerce, you want decent bandwidth and SSL security, which can be added to the price tag.

If you choose a premium WordPress theme, you will also need at least $ 39. See our WooCommerce pricing guide for general costs. It covers other potential costs for a developer and useful add-ons.

You can also consider a professional email address for your company ($ 10-50 per year). It is usually offered by your web hosting service, but not always free of charge.

Finally, there is the bottomless pit of online marketing.

It’s hard for me to say how much you’ll spend here, but for a direct-entry-level business, it’s recommended to spend at least $ 50 on ads per month. Actually, you can spend as much or as little as you want, depending on the scale of your operations.

Should I use AliDropship or AliDropship Woo?

If you already use WooCommerce, the answer should be obvious: AliDropship Woo offers the best integration because you can enable WooCommerce themes. However, they recommend that you add a maximum of 500 products, compared to an almost unlimited number of 10,000 with the standard AliDropship add-on.

You can find a detailed comparison of the two add-ons on this AliDropship resource page.

 pegted image 0

Honestly, I’m not sure I’d bother with AliDropship Woo if I did not trust WooCommerce anymore. Remember : to use the classic AliDropship add-on you do not need WooCommerce. A standard WordPress site will work!

How do I install and run AliDropship?

You must have WordPress installed on your site (make sure you are running PHP 7.1+ or ask your hosting company if you are not sure). [19659004] Find the AliDropship add-on directly on their website. (I looked in the WordPress plugins directory, but I could not find it there).

You need to buy the license. Keep in mind that 1 license = 1 dropshipping store.

So, I recommend you go to the configuration page.

 alidropship coins "width =" 770 "height =" 249

The most important section is probably the price setting. It allows you to define the price ranges of your products before you start importing products. If you do not, you will not get any profit because you would sell the product at the original price of AliExpress. I think it’s a good time to check the prices of the competition to find the correct margin.

 alidropshipping price range "width =" 770 "height =" 475

For trouble-free operation, also You must use Google Chrome and install the free AliDropship extension (other browsers are not yet supported). This will allow you to import products with a single click from AliExpress. Otherwise you have to configure everything manually. That is very tedious.

Now comes the fun part. Start browsing AliExpress and look for products that you like.

 alidropship product import "width =" 770 "height =" 523

Click on import in the AliDropship banner, and that that’s it! The product will be automatically displayed in your WordPress Products section as a draft.

 general description of the product alidropship

So, do not forget to edit your own product descriptions. You can add categories, change the price and create an inventory. It would damage your SEO if it does not change anything, and in addition, many of the original descriptions are misspelled anyway.

An extra feature of AliDropship is that you can edit the images directly from the add-on. Ideal to eliminate those ugly supplier logos.

 edit images alidropship "width =" 770 "height =" 416

Happy with the image of the imported product, simply edit it in WordPress . You do not need Photoshop!

 alidropship product page "width =" 770 "height =" 559

Quite easy, right?

AliDropship and Payments

If this is your first e-commerce, you will enter the strange and frustrating word of the payment gateways. Essentially, it is the companies that act as intermediaries between you (the merchant), your customers and the banks. Payment gateways process card payments. And it costs money to do it.

With AliDropship, the obvious options will be PayPal or Stripe . There are some more options, but not so famous. They all charge between 2-4{a2a459a7dcda73c4ed1e4d74ab29905b7286f37f9394739fa86ab2c8b4b2ec7f} on each transaction.

AliDropship Woo has some more recognizable names., Square and Amazon are also payments.

The complements

At the time of writing this article, there are 14 add-ons to improve your AliDropship store. WooCommerce Here are in image form:

 AliDropship Addons

It’s not much, and it certainly pales in comparison to the 280 extensions available for WooCommerce. [19659004] But still, there are some good things in there! The free abandoned cart feature and additional Google Analytics, for example, are great tools to add to your arsenal.

For the other add-ons, they are a bit more niche, so it may not be essential if you are starting your first dropshipping company.

Wohoo! I made my first sale of AliDropship: now what?

Almost there! In your panel, you will see that someone ordered an item from your store. The next step is to process it with AliExpress.

For this to be as simple as possible, I recommend placing orders automatically (this also requires the Chrome extension). The add-on will complete all customer information by itself, and can even process several orders at a time with the volume feature. Believe me, this will save you a lot of time.

Then it’s time to pay your order. Once this is done, you can see the status on your board and the customer will automatically receive an order confirmation with the tracking details.

From there, the AliExpress provider takes over and, with crossed fingers, everything must be easy to navigate. you and your client.

How is the free support?

Email will be your primary contact channel, but there is also a live chat. The support is good and the answers are clear.

But what is really impressive are the AliDropship community forums and the knowledge base. It’s weird to see something like a WordPress add-on that offers such detailed information and a conversation about your products.

For example, there are more than 490 conversations around the topics and more than 200 comment the add-ons. It is a great place to ask questions and read the official answers of the AliDropship team.

Finally, the knowledge base is well populated, well written, and often comes with video tutorials, if that’s what you like.

Final Review – Is it worth the AliDropship add-on?

In conclusion, I would say that there are a lot of advantages of using AliDropship. But there is a series of ifs.

  • If you already use WordPress
  • If you want to sell with AliExpress
  • If you use Google Chrome
  • (optional) if you use WooCommerce
  • If you understand the complexities of direct shipping business …

. .. then I say yes, go ahead. For $ 89, you get a time saving when browsing and importing AliExpress products. And the additional features are also very good. Being able to manage your inventory and track orders from a control panel, for example, can help you really feel in control of your business.

But if you want to start using dropshipping and do not have a site yet? Maybe check out Oberlo and Shopify. The platform is more friendly for beginners (but also more expensive), so it’s up to you to decide how much you want to invest from your hard-earned dropshipping dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have AliDropship? Work with Alibaba?

No. Although Alibaba belongs to the same group, this add-on works exclusively with AliExpress.

What happens if I have a Shopify store?

I still can not use AliDropship, I’m afraid. The only way to sell from AliExpress with a Shopify store is through Oberlo. One advantage is that they add their own suppliers to expand the group of products they can sell.

Is it worth installing WooCommerce to use AliDropship?

You do not have to. But if you want a standard e-commerce together with dropshipping, it could be a smart move. See our complete review of WooCommerce here.

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