Answered to 7 Popular Search Engine Optimization Questions

More and more website owners realize the benefits of a top search engine ranking. So they want to invest time and money in search engine optimization. At the same time many search engine optimization problems occur. I am trying to cover some of them in this article.

Question 1. To save time, scan the brochure as an image file and place it on the main site. Can I optimize my website for higher ranking?

Your pamphlet may contain a lot of text for visitors. Because it only scans the image file, the search engine recognizes that the web page has a single image file. Simply, treat it like a photo or graphic and do not convert the image text for analysis and indexing. The workaround is to add the alt attribute to the image. It’s a little better because the search engine can use some HTML text to “understand” web page content. However, when compared to the rich HTML text on a web page, the alt attribute text is too small for the search engine to analyze the importance of the web page.

This can save you time building web pages, but this is not recommended.

Question 2. Does it mean that if I implement an SEO campaign, I can give up paying for search engine marketing per click (PPC marketing)?

SEO campaigns and PPC marketing are not mutually exclusive. In contradiction, they are complementary to each other. First, we recommend implementing both Natural Search Engine Optimization and PPC Marketing for high conversion keywords. You can get more impressions on the search results page. Second, copywriting and marketing communication considerations may prevent you from implementing SEO for all useful keywords. In this situation, try using PPC marketing as an alternative. For example, words such as “pay-per-click search marketing,” “PPC marketing,” “search engine marketing,” and “paid search” mean the same thing. However, using the same terms across your website can be confusing.

Question 3. My boss wants to have a full Flash website so that his company website is visually appealing. Can I help you optimize your website after creating a full Flash website?

Experience has shown that many search engines can not read content from flash files. In many cases, the search engine treats Flash files as if they were single image files. They do not index text or follow navigation links to index content.

Matt Cutts, a Google representative, said Google has made some improvements to reading textual content in Flash files using the search engine SDK tools provided by Adobe / Macromedia. However, the tool is not updated frequently and it is difficult to extract the text from the flash file. In conclusion, reading text content from a Flash file is still in the preliminary stage.

The entire Flash website is not properly indexed by the search engine. If your top natural search engine rankings are very important to your success, it’s a good idea to create a full Flash website unless you have a large PPC marketing budget or you want to get very popular for a short period of time.

Question 4. Does a dedicated IP address help my search engine ranking?

A dedicated IP address is not required to get the highest search engine ranking. Many websites with the highest search engine rankings are using shared web hosting plans. That means they are sharing the same IP address with other search engine rankings and other webmasters.

However, if IP addresses are shared with many search engine spammers, site rankings can be adversely affected. Therefore, some search engine marketers prefer to obtain a dedicated IP address from a web host.

Q5. If your web page has a lot of content, is it better to separate the content into two web pages?

I think it depends on the search engine. For example, Google crawls only the first 101 kilobytes of a web page. If your content is 101Kb or larger, we recommend separating your content into two web pages.

Q 6. Why does my site suddenly disappear on Google?

There are a few reasons why Google should exclude your site. First, make sure your site meets our quality guidelines, that is, that there is no spam. For example, do not include hidden text and links on your website. Second, the site is not hacked. Third, make sure your site has malware. Finally, your site is too new and Google is refreshing its index. During this process, we may be able to revert to the previous index version, and your site may suddenly disappear.

Question 7. How can I improve the ranking of internal subpages?

Many webmasters have found that the sub-pages of their site have a low search engine ranking and want to improve the ranking of their sub-pages. To fix the problem, make sure the sub-page is not buried too deeply within the site. Important sub-pages should get more internal links through the interconnect-related pages. You also need to import external site links for specific sub-pages.