Top Best 9 Free Ecommerce Website Builders for 2019

These days there is no shortage of options to create an online store. But do it for free? It’s really not that simple . The choice on the platforms is limited, and in addition to that, you must dispense with some of the functions reserved for paying users.

So we thought we would investigate the best free e-commerce builders . In each paragraph below, you will read about its pros and cons, and our overall experience with the platform.

Ready to start selling without paying? Here we go :


Mainly known for its website creator, Webstarts also allows you to add an online store for free. It is, in general, a very generous free plan. This is probably the reason why 4M users trust him for his online presence.

 webstarts create a free online store "width =" 700 "height =" 391 [19659004] Now, creating the store is also a fairly fluid experience. If you have ever used Wix, the feeling is very similar, since you can easily move elements on the page. You can also adapt them for mobile screens, since the templates do not respond automatically. The interface is a bit dated but not bad for a free offer.

What we like :

  • 1Gb of space : enough for a decent selection of items.
  • Sell everything : You can sell digital items and physical goods.
  • Generous free plan : sells 10 products and makes up to 20 sales per day. More than most small stores will need.
  • Non-intrusive announcement : it is in the footer and does not seem unpleasant.
  • Good payment options : Stripe, WePay, Authorize.Net and PayPal are supported.

What we don’t like :

  • Without SKU : but you can track your inventory.
  • No SEO options : title tags, descriptions and custom URLs for products and categories are missing.

Free trial :


A website creator with 20 + M users and more than 200K online stores in his name, Jimdo is Solid, reliable and easy to use. The free plan shows a small ad and, if you decide to opt for the premium later, your plans are very affordable.

For the free e-commerce plan, you get basic features and 5 products. It may be good for a craft store or someone who only sells limited edition items . The good thing is that if you ever need to upgrade to a paid plan, they are very affordable starting at $ 10 per month.

What we like :

  • 500MB of storage : enough to have a good amount of text and images to accompany your products.
  • SSL included : Accept payment securely.
  • Intuitive and easy to use : perfect for beginners who don’t do it I don’t want to dwell on the technical details of building a site.

What we don’t like :

  • Only physical goods : services or digital downloads cannot be sold.
  • Credit card payments only through PayPal : to use Stripe you will need your BUSINESS package.

Free trial :


Not to be confused with Mozilla, This small Latvian company is not a family name, but they have a characteristic that large companies do not have: multilingual websites for free .

 mozello online store "width =" 700 "height =" 419

The same It applies with your online store offer. Free offer, multilingual options. You can sell up to 10 products p .

Unfortunately, working with your editor is not as fun or flexible as we would like. For example, you cannot add image galleries to all pages.

What we like :

  • 500 MB of storage : good for small stores. [19659013] Multilingual option : You can sell in numerous languages.
  • Inventory tracking : good for restocking.
  • Product variant and options available : for example, shoes in different colors, sizes, materials, etc.

What we don’t like :

  • Basic system : Your e-commerce will be quite unsophisticated.
  • Without SSL : You will have to add it yourself.
  • Only physical goods : You cannot sell digital products.
  • No credit card payments : Stripe only comes with premium plans.

Free trial : www.mozello .com


Squareup comes from Square, the famous point of sale system available for smartphones, desktops and ts tables . It is like a portable version of your store that can be used to sell and manage payments anywhere with the Internet.

 creator of square e-commerce websites

Since they process online payments (for example Weebly uses them), you can also create an account with Square and Open a free online store.

It’s not the most obvious solution, but it works! You can sell your items in person and also on the web . You don’t have to pay monthly fees, but they take 3{a2a459a7dcda73c4ed1e4d74ab29905b7286f37f9394739fa86ab2c8b4b2ec7f} of each transaction.

What we like :

  • Great POS : obviously, combining your online store with Square is what makes it attractive. You can sell all kinds of things face to face, from services to concert tickets.
  • Ticket sales : The Square system comes with a function to sell tickets for events.
  • Inventory tracking : Manage your stock easily.

What we don’t like :

  • Optimized for physical store owners : If you don’t have a brick and mortar store, it might not be as interesting.
  • Poor SEO options : no customizable title tags or URLs, among others.
  • Limited payment options : PayPal is not supported, for example.

Free trial:


Freewebstore shows the number of store owners who chose their product on their landing page. At the time of writing, there are about half a million users . His motto “eCommerce for all” seems to make sense to many people.

 freewebstore ecommerce free website builder "width =" 700 "height =" 375

Certainly not It is a bad deal since it can sell up to 20 free products and SSL is included. The designs are correct, although a bit dated, but respond to mobile phones and tablets.

What we like :

  • Free SSL .
  • Numerous online payment processors : Stripe, PayPal, Skrill, 2Checkout and more are included.
  • No transaction fees .
  • Advanced features : import / export products through CSV and abandoned car, among others.

What we don’t like :

  • Outdated and complex backend : It’s not exactly intuitive or fun to create the site.
  • Only physical products : Digital products cannot be sold online.

Free trial :


Strikingly’s mission is to allow you to “build your brand” and “conquer the world.” Other than that, there isn’t much information about them online, except that their product is free and includes a web store.

 Creator of surprisingly free e-commerce websites "width =" 700 "height =" 405

The main problem is that can only sell one product for free . In addition, they only allow you to create single-page designs. This is not bad if you want a minimalist website, but it is not great for SEO. Let’s see more of its pros and cons below.

What we like :

  • Good designs : they are modern and receptive.
  • Numerous online payment processors : PayPal, Stripe and offline payments.

What we don’t like :

  • Just sell one product : you have to pay to sell more.
  • Limited template option : limited for websites, and there is even less for ecommerces.
  • SEO limitations : mainly due to the template of a page.

Free trial :

Learn more in our striking review.


A young Dutch provider in the e-commerce scene, MyOnlineStore has a small staff of 24 and about 40,000 stores in its name.

 myonlinestore creates a free electronic commerce

We published our test store with no problem, but th The backend mentioned that it was in the Beta stage at this point. Apart from that, the pros and cons are the following:

What we like :

  • Good designs : modern and responsive.
  • Payment options : online and offline are supported. Even Bitcoins!
  • Multilingual system : to create your site in your preferred language.

What we don’t like :

  • Without SSL included .
  • Limited staff choice .
  • Expensive premium plans .
  • Still in the Beta stage : maybe MyOnlineStore needs some time to grow.


Something a little different here, as the strangely called Ecwid is actually an electronic commerce add-on that you can add to any website . It is a very interesting proposal that has attracted almost 1 million people.

The free option allows you to sell 10 items and the add-on is available in 50 languages. As you can read in our full review, it is a perfect combination between a dedicated e-commerce solution and an online budget store. In fact, premium prices are reasonable if you choose to upgrade from the free option.

What we like :

  • Powerful features : Even the free option allows you to set taxes, manage items and create coupons, among others.
  • More than 20 payment processors : PayPal, 2Checkout, and many more.
  • Intuitive and easy to use : the interface and user experience are top notch.
  • SSL Integration .
  • Elegant product presentation : carousels, galleries, you get tons of options to display your products.

What we don’t like :

  • You need an existing website : you should consider it for its costs and ease of use.
  • SEO could be cleaner : for example, Ecwid adds product IDs to URLs.

Free Trial version :

WooCommerce + WordPress with free hosting

You may already know that you can use WordP ress for free, and the good news is that your most popular add-on for online stores is also free . WooCommerce is a fantastic tool that allows you to do everything that large online stores can do.

One thing to mention is that WordPress does not come with free hosting so you may have to pay a little. It is possible to find free hosting providers (such as 000webhost), but don’t expect the best uptime and speeds from them.

You can read our full review of WooCommerce here, but the main thing is that it is incredibly powerful, but not exactly a child’s play for beginners .

What we like :

  • Powerful features : There isn’t much you can’t do with WooCommerce. [19659013] Excellent for SEO : all the options you could want here too.
  • Works well for large stores .
  • SSL integration (if your web host allows it) .
  • Elegant product presentation : carousels, galleries, you get tons of options to display your products.

What we don’t like :

  • Very technical : WooCommerce is not exactly easy to set up.
  • I need to use WordPress : and be quite competent in it. That also means finding your own hosting provider.
  • Unsupported : You only have forums to search for information.
  • It can be expensive : WordPress in general can be a money pit if you buy more themes, add-ons and development time.

More information about WooCommerce

Summary of the best store builders (free)

Supplier Announcements Product limit SSL Product types [19659146] Webstarts [19659141] Logo in footer10 productsIncludedDigital and physical


Logo in the footer 5 products Included Physical only
Mozello Link in the footer 10 products Not included 19659147] Physical only
Square Logo and link in the footer Unlimited Included Physical only
Freewebstore Overlay bar in the header 20 products Included Physical only
Striking Footer overlay 1 product Not included Physical only
MyOnlineStore [19659141] Link in the footer 25 products Included Physical only


No announcement 10 products Not included, but can be integrated Physical and digital

( Review )

Removable logo in the footer Unlimited Not included, but can be integrated Physical and digital

What will I miss a free online store?

Selling online can be difficult if people don’t trust your business, and the main problem here is with the domain name. Most free online stores will not provide you with a .com or a .net . These always cost money. Instead, you will use the provider’s domain, so your store’s URL will be something like:

Providers offering free online stores also offset part of the cost by selling advertising space . Most of the time it is only for their own platforms, but sometimes it is for other services. In any case, the ads don’t look super professional.

Finally, it is very likely that loses functions . Most providers will reserve their best templates or options for paid users only. Similarly, secure encryption or SSL is essential for online stores, and you will not always get it for free.

Why do they offer free stores?

Good question. Most of the time, the platforms operate in a freemium model. Your basic site is free, but when you want to expand (add more products, for example) you must pay . And you are more likely to choose easy options to pay a little more with the same provider than to move your entire store to a cheaper host.

That is why we recommend to also take into account premium plans such as free . It can be very beneficial in the long term. If you take e-commerce seriously, we suggest you check our store creator comparison tool to find the best solution for your project.

Will my SEO be fine with a free e-commerce creator?

In all likelihood, your SEO will suffer . Non-custom domain names are a big problem with search engines like Google.

We cannot guarantee that you will not qualify with a free solution for a very specific niche, but if you are determined to acquire customers through Google, it is better to pay for a custom domain at least .

Free website creators to create online stores: conclusion

Free online stores should be considered for performance tests . Your sales may take off, and you should move to a better supplier. You may need to add more products and expand.

In any case, are not recommended for serious long-term online stores . Weebly, Shopify and BigCommerce are much better solutions for e-commerce owners with ambitions.

Finally, remember that just because you build it does not mean they will come. If you are going to rely on organic search results to attract customers, an online payment solution with better SEO options is imperative.

Find more information on how to open an online store with our free guide

[19659004] If you have any questions, leave us a message!

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