Top Best Ways to Jumpstart Your Email Marketing Planning & Calendar

Want to have an email marketing plan ahead? It’s a good idea to have an email marketing strategy, especially to increase your website’s targeted leads. However, it’s easy to get lost in the details. This is why we simplified the process. Steps are given below, of the Top Best Ways to Jumpstart Your Email Marketing Planning & Calendar in 2021.

The contents of the quick start guide are as follows:

  • An introductory guide to email marketing trends
  • A 6 Step Guide to Your Email Marketing Plan
  • Tools and resources to build an effective email strategy

Email Marketing Trend

  • Mobile optimization. You can often see email templates that use: Design optimized for mobile Mobile-only design.
  • accessibility. Increasing advocacy for accessibility has had a huge and positive impact on email marketing design.
  • Dark mode. As apps and websites adopt dark mode, so is email.
  • Social media callout. The best way to connect with your audience is to include Instagram feeds, top tweets, and fan-created content in your email.
  • Greater interaction. Animated buttons, polls, and dynamically updated content enhance interaction with recipients.

How to build an effective email strategy

When approaching email marketing research and planning, it’s important to have a consistent strategy in place. So, with the above trend in mind, the following 6 steps will help you get started.

Email list definition

One of the first email marketing activities is identifying who is sending the email. Clearly define who you want in your email list, then decide how you can encourage this audience to use and subscribe to your signup form.

Develop a clear goal

Ask yourself why you want to spend time with an email marketing planner. What is the purpose of the campaign?

Clear email marketing goals are essential to running a successful campaign. Whether you’re building followers for your blog, making more sales, and acquiring new customers for your eCommerce store, define your goals.

Identify the type of content to be transferred

Another essential element of the email marketing planning process is deciding what type of content to send. The type of email marketing content you need to create depends on your goals.

Plan your email newsletter marketing strategy to keep new subscribers informed about your online store and new products. Or, if you want to get people involved in online courses, the autoresponder series is a better way to spend your content marketing efforts.

Simplify your email marketing campaigns with free email templates

Once you’ve set up the type of content you need to create, you’ll need an email design template to piece it up. You can create each email from scratch, but what email marketing planners have time for this?

Email templates save time and money, and successful email marketing campaigns require some automation.

Some good sources of email automation templates are:

Create an email marketing calendar

Another way to start an email marketing plan is to create an email marketing calendar. This allows you to see the big picture at any given time and ensures that you never miss an event, an important date, or an important sales opportunity.

For most marketers, your email marketing calendar should look like this:

  • Consider public holidays, special events, and big announcements. Continuous contact For this very purpose, we have compiled a list of useful public holidays in 2021. Add product launches and other important personal dates as well.
  • Using segmentation Targeting specific groups To another campaign. Users sign up for email lists for several reasons, so you need to clarify your segments and demographics. Send personalized emails to each group and everyone is sent to the right path in your email marketing funnel. Adjust the message if necessary.
  • Your account Drip campaign frequency of. Know how often to send emails to do better segmentation. This avoids overlapping messages and sequence issues and helps you decide when it’s best to send automated emails or follow-ups. Distinguish between one-time emails and automated responses
  • Show me the big picture. If you find a big difference in your email marketing calendar, fill it up with fun suggestions, blog updates, and freebies.

A/B test and analysis configuration

The last on the list of email marketing planning steps is to set up A/B testing and analysis. Access metrics and tests to see if your email campaigns are performing well.

Most email service providers include A/B testing and analytics, so explore what your marketing platform has to offer and configure your settings.

6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Email Marketing Planning Calendar

Becoming a Better Email Marketing Planner: Tools & Resources

Any email marketing planner will tell you that the right tools are essential. The following is not an exhaustive list, but here are some of the best players in the industry and most of them are cost-effective.

Best Email Marketing Planner Plugin

Best Email Marketing Calendar Tool

Final Thoughts: 6 Ways to Start Your Email Marketing Plan and Schedule

Email marketing plans help remove speculation from your campaigns and get the most out of your campaigns.

Whether you are a single website owner or a full-fledged email marketing planner, this collection of tips and tools will give you the support you need to get started and acquire email subscribers.

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