Why New WordPress Blog Should Host with Shared Hosting 2021 Guide

WordPress blog about shared hosting

When it comes to buying WordPress hosting, you have several options such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated and now managed WordPress Hosting. If you are someone who has just started with WordPress, you are more likely to choose one from the previous hosting category and host your blog. If you choose any of the … Read more

Jobs.WordPress : Official WordPress Jobs Portal Launched

in 2003, when Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created WordPress, nobody, through this blogging platform, will feed 18 of the world’s websites in the next 10 years. WordPress, in addition to being a content management system, is also a full-time business for many freelancers around the world. WordPress created a new full range of businesses, … Read more

Don Bradman Cricket Game 17 apk Cricket Games Free Download

Don Bradman Cricket Game 17 apk Cricket games free download for Android & for computer Don Bradman Cricket 17 game free APK is a very good and famous cricket sport that all cricket enthusiasts like. This is the best simulation game and anyone who wants to actually play cricket can play this game. Don Bradman … Read more

Create Site like WikiPedia with WordPress Step by Step


If you’ve ever searched for information on the Internet, you’ve probably run into Wikipedia. Being the largest resource for online information, this is the place where you will find basic information about (almost) everything. MaKing a Website like WikiPedia Site Using WordPress is very easy we have explained it Step by Step Below Now, it’s … Read more

5 Best Popular WordPress Themes 2021 For Events & Conferences

Do you want to promote your events or conferences online and collect records and payments from your target audience? Or do you want to organize events and conferences and win with the sale of tickets? If that sounds like something you’re looking for, here we have exclusive coverage of the best WordPress Events themes. Setting … Read more

Clean WP Database With Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin [Tutorial]

Does your WordPress blog run slowly in a fast hosting company? It could be due to your WordPress database. This can be solved with a good database optimization plug-in. When it comes to cleaning the WordPress database, we have many excellent options such as WP-Sweep, WP-Optimize, and WP-Db Manager. These add-ons eliminate overhead, optimize the … Read more