Create Site like WikiPedia with WordPress Step by Step

If you’ve ever searched for information on the Internet, you’ve probably run into Wikipedia. Being the largest resource for online information, this is the place where you will find basic information about (almost) everything. MaKing a Website like WikiPedia Site Using WordPress is very easy we have explained it Step by Step Below

Now, it’s time for a strange question: have you ever thought about creating your own Wikipedia site? [19659003] Maybe you did it, maybe not. But seriously, why would you want a site similar to WikiPedia? Here are some common reasons:

  • Add a section of frequently asked questions for your product and / or service,
  • Provide detailed information on a specific topic,
  • Create an information directory for a location,
  • Provide all necessary information about an industry, etc.

These are some of the most popular reasons why you might want to create your own wiki site. If you want to create a fully functional Wikipedia type site, WordPress will be the most suitable option for you.

WordPress began its journey as a simple blogging platform. But continuous development and updates have made it possible to create any type of website on this platform. Thanks to the countless themes and add-ons, you can easily implement any design or add any feature on your website.

There are two ways to create a website like Wikipedia in WordPress –

  1. Using a theme or
  2. using a plugin.

In today’s post, I will discuss both methods. But first, let me clarify when to use a theme and when to go for an add-on.

Should you use a theme or add-on to create a WikiPedia site?

If you have an existing website and want to add the wiki feature, it is practical to choose the plugin solution. This will allow you to keep your current design and still provide all the information in a structured way.

On the other hand, if you are creating a completely new website designed to provide information, you must choose a suitable topic. This will allow you to create a professional information site with all the necessary functions in place.

Now that you know the advantages of these solutions, you can choose the one that suits you.

How to create a wiki site with WordPress Themes

Let’s take a look at the best themes to create a site like Wikipedia in WordPress.



KnowAll is a professional WordPress theme specially developed to create wiki or knowledge base sites. It allows you to create different categories and unlimited entries in each category. The practical search bar on the home page will help visitors find whatever information they are looking for. Thanks to the AJAX-based system, users will be able to see the relevant answers as they write their questions.

The easily customizable theme allows you to apply all brand styles on your website. You can load a custom logo, choose any color scheme and much more from the integrated options panel. The fully sensitive issue will also ensure that your website works perfectly on mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

Integrated detailed analysis is another interesting feature of the subject. The analytical analysis panel makes it very easy to track your improvements. More importantly, the search analysis will inform what type of information your users are looking for. And the comments feature of the article will let you know the effectiveness of your wiki entries. You can get KnowAll for $ 99.

Get Knowall Knowledgebase theme

KnowHow – A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

Know How – A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme “width =” 720 ” height = “781” />] [196590099] could be an excellent option to create wiki or knowledge base sites in WordPress. If you want to create a resource center for your product or service, you will find this topic very useful. Thanks to the design adaptable, the theme ensures that your website looks good on any screen resolution, and the AJAX live search provides instant answers to your visitors as they type their questions.

These days, SEO has become in an integral part of any modern website, and KnowHow complements your SEO efforts with its semantic codes and intuitive user interface.If you want to provide information in other languages, KnowHow also covers it. Themes comes with the po and mo files, you can easily create a website in any compatible language. KnowHow is priced at $ 49.

Get KnowHow WordPress theme

Knowledge Base | Helpdesk | Wiki | Frequently Asked Questions WordPress Theme

 Knowledge Base

The knowledge base makes it very easy to provide your customers with all the necessary support for their products or services. With the help of this topic, you can create a live support website that will act as a live support service for your brand.

The live article search feature will allow visitors to search for the information they want. If you like the content of an article, you can promote it. The Knowledge Base also includes an integrated support for sharing on social networks, which means that visitors can easily share any content they find useful.

As the topic provides detailed analysis of the search and display statistics, you can find out what kind of Content you need to provide more. The completely sensitive design of the theme will adapt your website according to the screen resolution of your visitor. In addition to the usual customization options, the theme also allows you to provide custom CSS and JavaScript codes. You can get the knowledge base for $ 59.

Download topic

Technical support: a sensitive assistance service issue

 Technical support: a sensitive assistance service issue

Technical support is another WordPress theme that could be used to create impressive, supportive, or knowledge-based websites for your audience. The attractive theme design looks great on mobile devices and tablets. Being fully compatible with bbPress, the theme allows you to integrate a fully functional forum into your website. The Frequently Asked Questions page will be useful to answer the most common queries of your customers.

The highly optimized Support Desk theme is fully capable of boosting your SEO efforts. It also works perfectly with popular SEO add-ons, including Yoast SEO. Since the theme package comes with the po and mo file, you can also translate your website into other languages. In addition, the integrated panel of theme options allows you to customize all visual aspects of your website from one place. There are also custom widgets and lots of short codes. You can get the theme for $ 59.

Download Support Desk

Flatbase: a sensitive knowledge base / Wiki Theme


AJAX-based live search will allow users to get instant answers to their questions. And for common questions, you can choose any of the two Frequently Asked Questions styles: accordion style or traditional list style. The live customizer allows you to change visual options and review the actual preview at the same time.

The fully sensitive and retina-ready theme is designed to look good on various screen sizes along with higher resolution screens. Other interesting options include the reading time for each article, several locations with widgets, multiple designs, Google font support, etc. You can get Flatbase for $ 49.

Download theme

How to create a wiki site with WordPress plugins

So far, I’ve only discussed the topics. But as I said at the beginning, there are many WordPress plugins that can also help you create a wiki or knowledge base website. Now, let’s see what are the best complements for this purpose.

Wiki PRO WordPress Plugin

 Wiki Pro

Developed by WPMU Dev, Wiki Pro is a premium WordPress plugin to create wiki, knowledge bases or websites of support. This feature-rich add-on allows you to add and edit content from the front end. And if you wish, you can allow unregistered visitors to add information on your wiki site. Regular publications could be improved using audio, video and image files. Thanks to the complete feature of the revision history, it is easy to return to any previous version of your publications. It is also possible to control the user’s level of access according to their roles.

Being fully compatible with BuddyPress and WordPress multisite, the plugin makes it a perfect choice to use in different situations. There are 7 custom widgets to display popular wikis, newer wikis, tags, categories, tag clouds, etc. in the sidebar or footer of your website.

You can get the add-on by becoming a member of WPMU Dev, which starts at $ 49 per month. There is also a free version of the add-on with limited functionality.

Download the free Lite version

Knowledge base | HelpDesk | WordPress Wiki Plugin

 Knowledge Base Helpdesk WordPress Plugin Wiki

Knowledge Base is a very popular WordPress plugin for adding a functional wiki, support or knowledge base on your website. With the help of this add-on, you can add a comprehensive support service for your products or services. You can provide detailed articles and short and quick answers to specific questions.

The drag-and-drop interface of the plugin makes it very easy to reorder the posts and categories in your wiki section. It is also possible to configure custom slugs for posts and categories on your support site. Useful crumbs will provide a clear idea of ​​where visitors are at this time.

In addition, you can allow visitors to like support tickets or not. As a result, you can find out what type of content you need to provide more and what type to avoid. The plug-in ready for translation also comes with the complete documentation. You can get the add-on for $ 25.

BWL Knowledge Base Manager

 BWL Knowledge Base Manager

If you are looking for a professionally developed add-on to add wiki or In the Support section of your website, BWL Knowledge Base Manager can be an excellent option for you. This add-on comes with six different designs, which include a numerical list, a list of custom icons, a boxed style and an accordion style. Once you have chosen a style, you can start adding support entries instantly.

The plug-in fully sensitive grid system allows you to create one, two or three column designs for your support section. The AJAX-based search system provides instant answers when a visitor writes the question. You can keep your assistance tickets organized easily using the knowledge base tags and categories.

The add-on also comes with the function of related questions, which allows the visitor to know more about their queries. Depending on the usefulness of the article, the entries may increase or decrease. There are 5 custom widgets to use in your footer or sidebar. The add-on compatible with WPML also features custom shortcode and custom CSS. This add-on is priced at $ 23.

Download the add-in

KnB – WordPress Knowledge Base / Wiki Shortcode

 KnB - WordPress Knowledge Base Wiki Shortcode

Many useful codes, the KnB – The WordPress knowledge base plugin provides an easy way to add support, frequently asked questions or wiki sections anywhere on your website. The built-in short code generator allows you to create custom short codes by choosing display, order, design and visibility options.

The integrated voting function will allow visitors to express their likes or dislikes of support tickets. Custom widgets make it easier to view the latest, most popular or best-voted wiki elements in your sidebar. It is possible to customize the design of the wiki to match the design of your existing website.

Category and subcategory support means that you can manage your support entries in an organized manner. The abbreviated search code could be used to add a search section in the header or in the sidebar. With full responsiveness, KnB works perfectly in any screen resolution and in all modern web browsers. You can get the add-on for $ 19.

Download the add-on KnB



Developed by a fully equipped front-end editor, UserPress It is a smart Wiki management addon. This premium WordPress plugin allows you to include a dedicated support section on your existing website. You can also allow visitors to add or edit content without registering. For more confidential content, you can configure specific permissions on the page.

While the add-in works with any WordPress theme, it is possible to customize the appearance to match your existing design. Thanks to the integrated support of iFrame, your visitors can visit any linked page without opening it in a new tab. Files and classification functions allow you to keep the content organized.

As the add-on maintains a complete review history of each entry, it is possible to compare the changes and allow or eliminate any changes. Any suspicious entry could be marked for later analysis. The plugin works perfectly with all the popular WordPress plugins. You can get UserPress for $ 33.

Download UserPress Plugin

Final Words

So, these were the best theme and add-ons to create a site similar to Wikipedia in WordPress. Each of these is equally capable of creating a fully functional wiki site or adding a support section to your existing website.
Let me know which one you find most interesting. If you have other tips to share, feel free to do so by leaving a comment below. And if you find the publication useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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