Creating a Sweet E-Commerce Website With Big Commerce

The Internet never sleeps, so if your store is online, someone is likely browsing your products or searching for your products. However, if you do not have a great design or your store is poorly organized, customers may not know whether to trust your store.

With a secure shopping cart, many organizational tools, and event marketing tools to help promote your products, Big Commerce has quickly taken over the eCommerce builders market.

Big Commerce currently manages nearly 35,000 store owners, processing nearly $ 2 billion in sales. The company has shop owners from hundreds of different industries in more than 65 countries, making it one of the creators of larger and more accessible online stores. So, how easy is it to create a store with Big Commerce? Just ask someone who tried it for free.

One Big Makeover

Big Commerce claims to have tools and templates for any type of store. Creating a site to count artistic impressions and t-shirts with mesh should be easy. You’ll immediately see how committed Big Commerce is to the all-in-one package.

With a free trial, set up the website, get a domain name (if necessary), create a shopping cart, start a product catalog and get email accounts for your company.

There are also a lot of other features.

The templates are great too. You can choose from hundreds of different styles, mix and match so you get exactly what you want for your business. Everything is also designed simply. You create the store, choose a design, add your products and go! Ready. However, that’s not where Big Commerce leaves you.

Doing more for your store

Big Commerce has a lot of organization tools and reports built into its online software. You also do not have to install anything to use your software. Everything is online. Once you have created a store, you can configure your products, create a catalog and start promoting. That’s the good thing about Big Commerce tools.

Actually, they provide you with a marketing and reporting tool so you can see what customers are visiting and get information on how to promote offers for your services or products.

It is incredibly easy to access this information and use the software at any time.

Go beyond the store

Successful online presence involves marketing, promotion, and social integration. You can incorporate much of this using the Big Commerce tools. They have a ton of different applications that come with their packages.

In addition, from the shopping cart to the accommodation, everything comes with a guarantee of security and expert support. You can also try all this for free if you are skeptical. In just a few days, it was easy to create a professional and polished site that attracted tons of traffic.

The free trial only lasts two weeks, but the software is incredibly affordable with the lowest $ 24.95 a month and easy to set up in a matter of minutes. If you want to spend everything, you can get the diamond package for $ 299.95 a month, but this is probably for a much larger store.

Overall, Big Commerce is a really impressive site with a ton of tools that even an experienced web developer can appreciate to create a wonderful online store.

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