Hidden Dangers Of Using Pirated WordPress Themes 2021 WP Guide

What Are Hidden Dangers Of Using nulled WordPress Themes?

If you are new to WordPress and are anxious to buy WordPress themes, you must choose a suitable theme for your website, that is, a premium theme, not pirated.

On the web, you will find a large number of free or torrent download websites where pirated versions of premium themes will be available.

But, have you ever thought about whether you should download these pirated themes from those file-sharing sites or torrent sites?

  • What would be the consequences?
  • Is it safe to download the theme premium from torrent sites?
  • Will there be a search engine penalty for doing so?
  • How about the issue of copyright?
  • Can I also be sued by the creator of the original subject?
  • How does it affect my brand in general?

And other similar questions that many of us have when we plan to download a paid WordPress theme from Warez, Torrent, or share files for free

You should be thinking: I am intelligent and knowledgeable about technology. Why should I pay for a WordPress theme when I can do it for free?

I understand that sometimes we run out of budget, especially when we are starting an online blog that is part of our passion or of you. to have an alternative hobby.

Also, many bloggers do not like to spend more money on the blog beyond hosting and domain name. However, let me tell you that the investment in the WordPress theme is an investment in your brand. This practice would make a big difference in the way others will perceive your brand.

I think many of us already understand the value of the brand and that is why we want to use the WordPress Premium theme. However, at the same time, we look for things that don’t cost a lot of money and do the work quickly and easily.

In this masterpiece, I explain everything you need to know before deciding if you want to download pirated WordPress. Or you want to invest more than $ 20-70 to get a world-class WordPress theme that you can use forever.

But I will never recommend buying or downloading pirated themes; They are for nothing.

Pirated WordPress themes contain serious security risks

 Security issues

WordPress themes are safe to use when they are kept up-to-date and updated. Using pirated themes may cause security threats because:

  • Pirated WordPress themes are never updated.
  • Include malicious or compromised code.
  • These malicious codes are used to hack your site in the future or add backlinks to other sites that eventually degrade your SEO efforts and may lead to the search for classification penalty.

You never know what you get with a pirated theme. A good WordPress theme is not only a design but also the codes that make the theme functional. This is one of the reasons why most bloggers pay to get their WordPress theme.

A hacked WordPress theme (downloaded from Torrent, free file sharing, or Black Hat SEO forums) often opens the backdoor for hackers to access your site remotely. It contains malicious code. Most users will not be able to find that code and, since the theme works the way it is; Many of us will not even question this. I’m sure you already know “Nothing in life is free”.

Hidden Dangers Of Using Pirated WordPress Themes 2021 WP Guide

It is true that many users also upload premium themes on free sites to share files without altering codes. However, this exchange is usually created for close friends. This is the right time for you to answer this question:

If you spent $ 56 on a WordPress theme, would you share it for free with everyone in the world?

Yes YES: Why and with whom?

Yes NO: Why?

If your answer is “I won’t share it,” then you can understand why download the WordPress theme for free. It is not a wise choice. After all, being hacked is the last thing you would like to experience in your young blogging career.

Also, WordPress often releases its latest versions that require theme updates to make them compatible. With pirated themes, you will never get updates (which means you won’t have access to new features), and your theme will be incompatible with constantly updated add-ons and the latest version of WordPress. However, you will not be able to enjoy bug fixes and new features offered by the same theme.

Is it a terrible idea to use the pirated WordPress theme?

Well, in the end, you will find the answer to this question.

CryptoPHP attack infection: things no one will tell you

In this section I receive little technical However, I have made the simple choice of words to make it easier for you to understand.

CryptoPHP infections are a method used by hackers to exploit websites and take paid WordPress themes, and it happens if you are using a pirated theme on your website.

They remove the code blocks from the theme that verifies the license of the theme and begins to distribute it for free. These versions of themes are also called voided WordPress themes.

In 2014, more than 23,000 websites were infected by CryptoPHP infections.

How can this infection affect my blog or website?

It may result in the suspension of your hosting account, and if this happens, recovering your account is a hectic process. You must delete your entire blog or website and reload the content back to the webserver.

If you think it won’t happen just because you’re using an antivirus add-on for your blog or website, then you’re wrong. It can come in many possible ways: a code hidden behind an image, through a pirated add-on, etc.

Hacked WordPress themes Damage your search engine rankings

Hacked WordPress Themes are also terrible for SEO. They include spam links, usually in the footer of the website, which can damage your site’s rankings. If you have spam links on your site, your search engine rankings will disappear in no time. More times when you won’t be able to see those links due to a smart CSS trick. However, you can check the source code of your topic to find those links.

When links are visible, and when your website’s readers visit those links, they will instantly judge that your site is unreliable.

For SEO and the reliability of your site, refrain from using pirated WordPress themes. If you are using one now, it is a good time to switch to the WordPress theme paid before it is too late. Don’t forget to delete all instances of the voided WordPress theme you were using.

Need help with theme settings? It is covered

Premium WordPress themes generally have great support and save you time. If you have a problem with the installation of the theme or have a technical problem, you can always contact the support team and solve your problems at no additional cost.

This is something that will be lost if you use a pirated device. topic. If you face any technical problem or need customization on the subject, nobody will be there to help you. At the end of the day, you will have to hire someone to do the job, and that will cost you extra money. Moreover, even if you are using a theme like Genesis, MyThemeShop, or any other, with paid WordPress, it will become part of the community.

Piracy is illegal and bad for general growth

I’m not here to give you a lecture on the morality of using pirated material. We all had a time when we used pirated things in the form of e-books, movies, TV shows, songs, or any other. However, because global awareness about receiving payments for digital content is increasing, people in different fields have begun to value it.

In technical terms, WordPress themes are under a GPL license, and the license only covers part of the theme code. It allows you to copy, modify, distribute and resell the code as you wish.

However, the issue covers the developer’s trademark rights, which allows the owner and creator of the item to prevent resale. [19659003] If you are using a pirated copy of the item, it means that you have stolen the GPL license for the item, which is illegal. In this case, if the theme developers discover it, they will contact their web host and suspend the account.

The development of a theme requires a lot of effort and great effort on the part of a developer to create something unique. After hours of work, they launch a theme. Don’t you think it would be highly immoral to steal your product and use it illegally?

Never use a pirated theme

Remember, it is never good to start something in the long term with such risks.

Pirated themes will only offer you web design at a cheap price, but it’s useless.

The best decision you can make is to use free WordPress themes or buy a premium theme based on your budget.

I hope that the reasons mentioned above will help you make a good decision about whether or not to go to pirated topics.

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