Jobs.WordPress : Official WordPress Jobs Portal Launched

in 2003, when Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created WordPress, nobody, through this blogging platform, will feed 18 of the world’s websites in the next 10 years. WordPress, in addition to being a content management system, is also a full-time business for many freelancers around the world.

WordPress created a new full range of businesses, and people are making sustainable money for life by doing various WordPress jobs. There are many portals such as, Odesk, which allow users to publish works on WordPress, and freelancers from around the world can offer, and take their WordPress project.

Recently, Automattic (WordPress Parent Company) launched an official WordPress Employment Portal. At the time of writing, this job portal will allow anyone to publish work for:

  • Design
  • Development
  • WordPress Migration
  • Improving WordPress Performance
  • Complement Development
  • Customizing topic
  • Writing  Official WordPress job portal
  • Anyone can post a job here for free, and any freelance WordPress professional,

A company or a freelance writer can choose the job. Unlike or odesk, this portal of work does not allow offers. Instead, a freelancer can directly send the job poster by email. This is an interesting feature of this portal, since a contractor can deal directly with the developers direct through email.

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  • A good idea is to send a personalized email to the job poster, along with your portfolio.
  • Keep the email as short as possible and, at the same time, explain in a few lines why you are the best person for this task.

Here are some things you should know about the official WordPress job portal:

  • This portal can only be used to publish work related to WordPress.
  • Once you have listed a job, it will be visible for 21 days. You can always delete your work before 21 days.
  • You should also check your frequently asked questions page before publishing your first work.

In general, it is a good initiative of the Automattic team to open a job portal, which connects WordPress Developers and customers.