Facebook Minimal Readership Instant Articles Understanding Policies of FB

Are you Getting problem as same as I am, minimal readership instant articles Policies

Problem solve Minimal readership problem

Minimal readership problem your Page is ineligible for Instant Articles same as with Me same Hey Shahzad Memon i tired on 4 may IA  This error occurs while submitting my website URL. “The URL provided is not allowed because the number of readers on the site is so small that it violates the Instant Article Policy.

I do not want to be a loser. Minimal Readership instant articles Policies if some of you think this is just an error, you should take the text of the message seriously. The URL provided is not allowed because the site has a minimal audience. Instant article policy (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instant-articles/policy/).

It sounds like there is an IA without any announcement on the instant article blog (which is usually.) Although it is portrayed as an “instant article partner blog”, it is important to note that blog is important for plug- System – Do not update with changes. There are all the latest updates that you need. Do not miss out on major products, designs, policies or other updates for instant articles. “) The criteria they must meet to use IA I completely changed.

when i apply i got minimal readership, which violates the Instant Article Policies

you may get as well if you do not have more visitors other search queries below, by using visitors are visiting this page <3

  • you’ve lost access to instant articles because you’ve violated these standards
  • instant articles lost access
  • your facebook page is in violation of instant articles policies
  • instant articles payout
  • instant articles recirculation
  • instant articles monetization eligibility standards
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Previously we needed pages, but personal blogs were set up on pages like 1. Unstructured, unpublished, and unquantified traffic is required for pages and / or sites before using IA. Here are the text of the linked guidelines Here: We can reduce the distribution of articles in news feeds or prevent the use of instant articles. If you are inactive or have few readers.

Previously, no one (including myself) had encountered an “inactive state” that occurred because I did not visit my page for a month. Now I make a point to visit it every week and it seems to be holding the “inactive” algorithm.

Now they are also pushing the minimum readership. So you probably need to click on the stock to qualify for a “non-minimum readership” only if you have people who use your page and like it. Or it might be about a post on a site that is not an FB page. How do I get people to read the link in your site’s URL, or get a qualification that is not the least read, regardless of whether they share the page? .

Unfortunately from reading unclear linked instructions.

Unfortunately, this plugin is all normal. If you are unfamiliar, you should get used to it. Facebook first does not consider communicating with developers who have spent months on the implementation of IA.


Is not this important news? PLUGIN DEVS: Do not waste time on new pages by updating your hung door to a soldier. If you are stuck with insufficient traffic / activity, investing time in IA site development is unreasonable due to the necessary conversion.

FACEBOOK + PLUGIN DEVS: We provide a way to test our transportation / activity in the US.

The only normal behavioral policy is to test the page first to see if it qualifies for undocumented undue guidelines and then begin implementing the IA. The reverse order is very trashy to encourage us to steal our time.


FACEBOOK: What does “minimal leadership” mean, and what kind of traffic jam

We must be able to focus our energy to meet the right guidelines, such as page sharing, or general traffic to our site. Because it’s important to use plug-ins, post what’s on your blog to your blog and update your plug-ins. Now that you’re using plug-ins, it’s important to provide the tools you need above. This is because you need to be able to see if the instructions are met before it gets bogged down. You need the secret ring that this plugin needs.

For IA Approval Read & compliance All  instant articles Policies

As above cause of Minimal Readership simply you need traffic so work on it, Increase your traffic because this type of issue are in Majority. must comply with our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (SRR)Facebook Page Terms and the following policies.


A. Content Policy

Make sure you own, control, and operate websites related to your use of instant articles. If your website is stable, complete, easy to navigate and has positive experiences (for example, websites with multiple links broken, duplicate or minimal content, or websites with placeholder content, you can not use instant articles) Should reflect.

Build your site on the site before using the instant article (ie, the new site will not be able to use instant articles). Unless paid subscribers can use all the content on your website, you do not need to sign in to the website before giving them access to your articles.

Except for ads, the content of an instant article should appear identical to the content of the web version of the article, except as permitted below. This is the exception if the Instant Article creative tool does not allow additional content or is technically impossible.

Content of the instant article is unlawful, misleading or deceptive content or regulated products, unexpected results or unexpected that contains the result of personal health-related articles, porn, adult products or services, sexual hints or fetish, normal dating, promotes violence Anything that belongs to any other category that is prohibited by hacking or cracking, hacking or cracking, weapons sales, online real money games of opportunity or technology, telecommuting plans, spy cameras, fake news or Facebook community standards. Apps or sites that publish a news editorial or have prior written permission. Ad content on an instant article must comply with our advertising policies. Direct-sell ads must be for general users over the age of 13.


B. Article experience

Please follow instant articles Policies the technical documentation and design guidelines to properly format the Instant Article. Do not include confusing or misleading experiences with instant articles. Do not include interactive social media plug-ins that are not supported by your product, such as Facebook’s Like, Share, and Send buttons. Use the default function instead.


If you include an outbound link in an instant article:

You must link to a specific editorial story that provides a direct background, history, context, or analysis of the topic of the article. You can include links to social media in your publication. Links to stories, such as edit-related stories, top-rising stories, and links to other parts of the site, should not be displayed as the last element of an instant article.

The image or video of the instant article must be high resolution and suitable for the screen size and display style supported by Instant Article. Do not use the fullscreen tab extensions for images smaller than 1024×1024 (2048X2048 is your preferred image size) and images smaller than 640×480.

Do not include embedded Web-based interactive features or ads that open system dialogs, such as asking for your location or accessing your microphone. If the article consists of lonely media items such as photos, a single slideshow or video, the content should be placed in the instant article body.


Do not include related articles on the first screen (e.g. “Scrollable portion”).

Whenever you collect personal information, provide a clear and prominent link to your privacy policy. Use the app install click-to-play ad unit to avoid promoting non-apps associated with publishing. For example, do not promote other apps or third-party apps that you own using the app install clickthrough ad unit.

C. Advertising experience

Please refer to the technical documentation to properly format your ad. Ads containing text links should be clearly marked as sponsors using our built-in ad-class functionality. The width of the ad should not exceed 1.5 times the width. That is, the aspect ratio of the ad must be greater than 2: 3.

The ad should fill the defined size, display the article’s margins correctly, and appear in the center of the article. Do not include ads on the first screen (e.g., “Scrollable portion”). Embedded video content can include ads, including the first screen, but only if the video is click-to-play and the ad is not part of the cover image.

Also, do not include ads if the video is the only content in the article (for example, a lonely media article). Instant articles Policies has do not place ads where they can be confused with ad text or interface elements. For example, do not place ads between subtitle and next text.

Each ad must be separated by at least 250 words, including house ads (e.g. images, videos, interactive modules or other forms of recruitment promoting your content, products, apps or services). If an article consists primarily of images or media, the ad must not exceed 20% of the content. Also, if you do not see other ads on the same screen, you can include additional ads at the bottom of your articles.

Direct-sell ads should not include videos that automatically play sound. Ads must be static and should not block content (i.e., they can not expand or shrink the boundaries of the ad, or include ad content). Do not place ads on the default instant media such as photos or videos.

It’s best not to include repeat ads in an instant article. The best way to do this is to make sure that your ad size is optimized to three times the size of the ad (e.g., the ad size is 300×250, and the recommended resolution is 900×750)


D. Advertising sales and search

You can sell instant article ad inventory, but not news feed ad inventory. Do not show ads sold by third parties (i.e., only direct sales). For example, an instant article should not include ads sold by an ad network, an agency, or any other ad sales aggregator. You can use Facebook’s audience network.


You or any third party acting on your behalf is responsible for proper notice and consent to comply with applicable laws and guidelines and to collect and use user information from your instant articles. Direct ads must be hosted directly on the ad server, or they must call the advertiser directly to return the creative file in response to any request (such as a programmatic deal).

E. Things to know

If we determine that your articles are in violation of our policies, you may enforce the use of instant articles. Google may prohibit the use of instant articles if it reduces the distribution of articles in newsfeeds, contains inactive or low-volume readers, or contains ads that provide unintentional or misleading experiences in the web version or in the content of an article. There is. This includes apps or sites with disproportionate amounts of content related to your content, or ads that cause negative user experiences, such as sexual ads, visually stunning ads, or fraudsters.


Content that does not meet the monetization guidelines for monetization may be eligible for monetization with fb. Note: Facebook reserve the right to change these policies at any time without prior notice.


Souce: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instant-articles

Here is video by My Smart Support Easy to understand video process of apply for IA 2018