2019 Shopify Gold Review (What Is It, And How Does it Differ)


I’m a little surprised. I found this option exclusively for large scale companies in India.

In general:

[19659003] I focused on the Shopify Plus website building option

And I was really just going to put this on that page.


I thought that since a decent amount of my readers come from India, it’s important to give

Let’s dive:

What is Shopify Gold?

Shopify Gold is an electronic commerce platform for high volume business in India.

Also, a similar version of Shopify Plus. [19659003] Or as Shopify puts it

Shopify Gold is designed for India’s fast growing brands and sellers by providing world-class business commerce technology at a fraction of the cost.

The price model for Shopify Gold

But for Shopify Gold, it is 0.4{a2a459a7dcda73c4ed1e4d74ab29905b7286f37f9394739fa86ab2c8b4b2ec7f} of monthly sales or Rs. 65000 / month, whichever is greater, up to a maximum of Rs. 130,000 / month.

Some of the exclusive features of Shopify Gold

For Shopify Plus

The Shopify Plus pricing model is 0.25{a2a459a7dcda73c4ed1e4d74ab29905b7286f37f9394739fa86ab2c8b4b2ec7f} of the store’s monthly sales or $ 2,000 / month , whichever is greater up to a maximum of $ 40,000 / month.

Therefore, you will pay approximately half.

Key features of Shopify Gold

  • Dedicated support 24/7
  • Safe and reliable
  • Payment and shipping [19659022] Help every step of the way
  • Unlimited SKUS
  • Can support close to 600,000 orders per minute
  • Can be expanded abroad and integrated internationally

Companies using Shopify Gold

Here are some companies you may know

 Companies that use Shopify Gold

What is the difference between Shopify Plus and Shopify Gold?


Shopify Gold has the correct model after Shopify Plus, but only for India.

The other advantage is that you get the same value but at half the price if you live there.

Do I have to use Shopify Gold if I live in India?

Absolutely not:

You can still use all the other plans

  • Shopify basic – $ 29 / Monthly
  • Shopify – $ 79 / Monthly
  • Shopify basic – $ 299 / Monthly

By Of course, you may not know if you are a high volume

So, there are two options. 19659043] You can consult here about Shopify Gold

  • Probably the easiest. Register here for a lower plan and then contact customer service to discuss it further. In this way, you can start with the basic Shopify Shopify, or the advanced plan.


Conclusion on Shopify Gold

I like the idea of ​​Shopify Gold

I think they have noticed the growth in India with the electronic commerce and they are trying it. to provide more value.

Sure, it’s new.

But, there could be tremendous cost savings to help your company grow.

On top of that, he gets:

  • Dedicated support to help him fast 24/7
  • Super safe and reliable
  • Fantastic shipping controls
  • Easily scalable

If you have any questions, let me know and I will help you.

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