Top New Best latest Platform Games For Android 2018

Hardy gamer? Are you looking for the best platform game on Android? Get a new list of new and best platform games for Android 2018. Online multiplayer platform games apk free download as well as offline players are included.
latest Platform Games For Android 2018


Online multiplayer platform games are gaining popularity in the Google Play store these days. In this multiplayer platform game, playing against real players around the world makes gameplay more complex and challenging. Over the last few months, some of the cool games for Android have been published by creatives developers in the Google Play store. Let’s take a look at the list. One of the best platform games for Android;

All Top New Best latest Platform Games For Android 2018 listed below

13.) Spike City
Spike City is one of the best platform games for Android 2018. Recently launched on Nitrome. Just tap, swipe, and avoid obstacles. It is a fast paced game for platform game lovers. It features retro graphics, tough challenges, boss battles and more. All you have to do is climb to the top. Just swipe up, down, left, right. But it is not so easy. There are many obstacles on your path. Download Spike City now and check out the game technology. Here (Google Play Store). Ramboat 2
Ramboat 2, one of the best platform games for Android, is one of the new and new platform games. The goal in this game is to defeat all enemies that are aiming at you and complete the following missions: You can perform N combo actions, avoid shots, complete tasks in a specific time period, and so on. There are many firearms that can be mounted, and armor to increase armor. Download – here (Google Play Store). Major Mayhem 2
Major Mayhem 2 is a new platform game for Android, a game where you play as a soldier and fight bad people. People who save innocent people. You are fighting in the sea, at the airport, and this new platform comes out in various areas of the game. Use your grenade to attack the entire gang to avoid the attack by knocking the enemy to fire. It is a fun game and you have to write it once. You can play it offline. Download – here (Google Play Store). Tetrun: Parkour Mania – Platform Games for Android
Tetrun Parkour Mania is a new platform game for Android. It is a simple but addictive game with endless mode gameplay. Your goal is to be as high as possible. The control is very simple. You can control your character by swiping right / left / right / left. Gameplay; You just have to control your character and avoid obstacles. The graphics of this platform game are really cool. If you are looking for an offline platform game in endless mode, you should give up that opportunity. It is interesting, challenging and addictive. Download – here [Google Play Store].

Rogue Buddies 2 latest Platform Games For Android 2018

Rogue Buddies 2 is the creator of the Y8, Y8 football league game by Android. The reason to use one of the platform games for Android is challenging and challenging. Rogue Buddies 2 features over 50 levels, the goal is to complete the mission at each level. You’ll get a star based on the work you’ve accomplished. These stars are needed to unlock a specific area of ​​the map. The game has lots of fun and much more: – the enemy; Heavy catchers, blockers, natives, hens, weapons, vehicles; Bicycles, helicopters, ski boats. If you like action platform games, try it. Download – Rogue Buddies 2 – here (Google Play Store).
Slope Down First Trip is one of the best platform games for Android with great graphics and high performance. – Fast game play. In the game, the player controls a unique creature and the goal is to finish the game and set a new record. This game has many unique levels with a dangerous platform and fast gameplay is another great game. You can experience full high-speed gameplay on your mobile screen and it’s much better than racing games. This game has received good ratings on the Google Play Store, so if you’re looking for the best platform game, you should try the game. Download – here (Google Play Store). Gibbets Bow Master
Gibbets Bow Master is a challenging game for Android that requires players to complete their mission. You have to cut the rope to save the hangman within the given time. You just pull, make a perfect angle, and release your bow. Difficulty increases with game progress. Each stage of the game offers unique challenges, so upgrading your equipment / bows will help you perform well in the game. It is one of the best platform games for Android in 2018 and you should try. Download – here (Google Play Store). MG Coverage – Gibbets Bow Master
6.) Alpha Guns 2 Genre; Offline, Action Platformer
Alpha Guns 2 is a new classic shooter platform for Android. The first game, & # 39; Alpha Guns & # 39;, received over a million downloads on the Google Play Store and received 4.4 points. The developer recently released the sequel to Alpha Guns and features an amazing challenge level. In this platform shooting game, players shoot down the villains, destroy the tank, defeat the boss, collect new and spectacular guns for battle, and complete the mission. This game is ideal for those who love action-platform games.
Alpha Guns 2 will soon be able to use survival and multiplayer modes in the next update. Overall, it offers excellent graphics and challenging gameplay. The next step is to upgrade your guns and armor and buy more missiles. It is one of the new best platform games for Android. [PandaPower
Panda Power is the author’s new Android game. (19659012) There are dozens of challenging levels and dozens of challenging sound and music effects just like the 90’s game of badminton league games. The game begins with a tutorial to learn about the basics of the game. How to move a character, how to play with all characters. When finished, the goal is to start the game in Story mode, play with pandas, collect all the stars, solve puzzles, avoid obstacles, and exit. It is a fun game and is one of the best platform games for Android 2018. Download – Here (Google Play Store)
4). Fling Fighters
Genre; Online multiplayer, arcade
Fling Fighters is one of the best platform games for Android to compete with other players around the world. It is a simple but addictive game that you break your opponent to win in battle. It features many game modes such as challenge mode, boss fighting, multiplayer, playing with friends and more. So there are many things in the game to keep you busy.
The goal is to defeat your opponent as fast as possible. You throw your weapon and force your opponent into a danger zone to gain victory. Overall, it is an online multiplayer platform game for Android. Download – here (Google Play Store). MG Coverage – Fling Fighters Overview, Guide, Tips and Cheats.
3). Climber Brawls Online
Genre; Online, Arcade
Climber Brawls Online is one of the best new best platform games for Android, where your goal is to get to the top to get a star. You play against real players all over the world. First, the player holding the star will win the round. There is a fixed time, so you can climb to the top as soon as you climb. If two players do not get a star, the player with the highest score points wins the round. You need to collect 2 stars to win the PvP fight.
It’s a really amazing addictive platform game and you should try. There is only one mode in the game. PvP, choose a character and play a game. It’s very simple, but in order to win in the round, you need to choose the right strategy. I’ve been playing this game for the last two weeks and it’s one of the best platform games so far. Download – here (Google Play Store). MG Coverage – Climber Brawls online overview, guides, cheats and tips.
Chapter 2 for Android.) Super Jump League
Genre; Online, Arcade
The Super Jump League by Mini Rip is one of the best platform games for Android. In this real-time multiplayer platform game you can combat up to four players and destroy them. The name of the game describes all the scenarios. You have to jump over your opponent to get points. You play as a champion in the amazing game mode where all the players desperately want to win. Can you smash all of them? It’s not so easy!
There are various game modes such as Deathmatch, Hot Potatoes and Events. A super jump league game featuring over 40 champions. Aliens, ninjas, wolves, chicken, and many others. There are good graphics and addictive gameplay. Download – here (Google Play Store).
Geometry Dash SubZero
The Geometry Dash game series is one of the best games. series. Developer RobTop Games recently added a new game to the “Geometry Dash SubZero” series. It is a rhythm-based action platform game that contains three challenging levels with amazing music. This is not an easy game for beginners who have not played in the series yet. Good graphics, great music and challenging gameplay. Download – here (Google Play Store). MG Coverage – Geometry Dash Overview of SubZero.
Best Survival latest Platform Games For Android 2018
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