Top Useful WordPress Cheat Sheets for Developers & Coders

WordPress is the best platform to create blogs and create websites. 27 of the world’s websites work with the WordPress platform and the number speaks for its popularity. There are many free themes and add-ons available that you can choose to make your blog look good and work well.

The challenging part comes when a blogger needs to make some changes or adjustments in the design of the existing theme and then has to deal with the coding files.

This is also a problem if a web developer wants to develop a theme/add-on from scratch and has to deal with many features and tags, as there are many in WordPress.

Although you can consult Codex for help; Having a WordPress cheat sheet will be very useful for you.

In this post, I have rounded out the 10 most useful WordPress cheat sheets that you can download and view at any time. [19659003] If you are a web developer, a blogger, or a beginner, this collection of WordPress cheat sheets will save you time and help you remember most of the tags, functions, and file names in WordPress.

1. WordPress Cheat Sheet for developers

If you are a WordPress developer and want to develop or modify a WordPress theme, this cheat sheet would be enough for you to start.

This cheat sheet will help you improve your skills and learn some of the basics.

 WordPress Cheat Sheet For Developers

2. WordPress 3 template hierarchy

If you want to create custom pages for your website, you must have a good knowledge of the template hierarchy. This cheat sheet will help you understand the template hierarchy, that is, which template file WordPress will use.

 WordPress template hierarchy sheet

3. The WordPress help sheet

Another WordPress developer help sheet that includes basic template files, PHP header fragments, and additional WordPress material and templates.

This cheat sheet includes all the quick shortcuts and what you need to know about WordPress. You will find it useful to use.

 WordPress Help Sheet

4. WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet – WordPress Template Tags

A great cheat sheet that includes practical keyboard shortcuts and useful PHP fragments for WordPress. These shortcuts will help you avoid the need to click with the mouse and do your job as quickly as possible.

 WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet

5. WordPress Cheat Sheet

An advanced WordPress help sheet that includes PHP fragments and provides you with codes for particular WordPress files.

 WordPress Cheat Sheet

6. WordPress Cheat Sheet for SEO

Install your new WordPress blog and make it compatible with search engines with this SEO sheet for WordPress. This cheat sheet includes all the steps to follow to create a WordPress blog.

 WordPress SEO cheat sheet

7. WordPress tags and functions Cheatsheet

Make your WordPress work easier when dealing with topic tags. This latest cheat sheet provides you with all the tags of themes and functions in WordPress that will save you time.

 WordPress Tags Cheat Sheet

8. WordPress plugin API cheat sheet

If you are creating a WordPress plugin and need quick help with the API, this cheat sheet will save you time. The sheet includes all the relevant tags and functions for the add-in API.

 WordPress plugin API cheat sheet

9. Moz Web Developer SEO Cheat Sheet

If you are waiting for an advanced SEO cheat sheet, this latest edition of MOZ is for you. The sheet includes all small or large SEO changes that include important HTML elements, HTTP status codes, recommended URLs, etc.

 WordPress Developer Reference Sheet

If you are a WordPress lover, then & # 39; I am sure you will enjoy the previous collection.

Just in case, if you need a specific cheat sheet that is not part of this list, let me know in the comments section and I’ll put it here.

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