What is a new domain extension and why you want it

When choosing a domain name, the focus tends to be in the middle after www. I don’t think much about the domain name suffix at the end of the web address (URL). But it overlooks the wide world of new top-level domains.

The top-level domain (TLD) or domain extension is the last part of the URL. This is the .com of ipage.com. Typical top-level domains include .com, .net., .edu. And .org.

In the past few years, new domain extensions have been introduced, including .me, .store. The range of options has been expanded to include various endings such as and .yoga.

These custom domain extensions offer new options and lack memory, but have advantages and disadvantages including branding opportunities. When setting up a business website and choosing a domain name, it’s worth exploring new domain extensions.

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Different types of top-level domains

There are several types of domain name extensions.

  • Generic TLDs (gTLDs) are most commonly used, including .com and .biz. The new gTLD includes options such as .store and .casino.
  • Sponsored TLDs (sTLDs) are for specific organizations, including governments at .gov and educational institutions at .edu.
  • The country code TLD (ccTLD) is for specific countries, including .cn for China and .uk for UK.

The world of domain endings can seem weird and confusing. However, learning the meaning of domain extension can help you better understand the websites you visit and how to improve your own domain name management.

Many people want to use .com for their website and they call it in a day. However, it is important to consider the best domain to choose if you are doing a wide range of work in another country or want to gain trust in a new educational organization.

Most popular domain extensions

  • .com (short for commercial use)
  • .net (short for network)
  • .org (for organizations)
  • .co (short for Colombia, but often used by companies)
  • .us (short for US)

The list of commonly used TLDs is not surprising. However, as more and more websites are registered every day, companies will have to choose a new domain extension for their website.

What is a new top level domain?

New or custom TLDs are new options available for domain extension. Here is an example:

  • .clothing
  • .blog
  • .tech
  • .Save
  • .online

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) manages a domain name system that links domain names and IP addresses. Until a few years ago, there were only 22 common top-level domains. In 2013, ICANN started launching a new TLD.

Now More than 1,200 customs You can use a domain extension. Some are generic keywords, others are for brands like .Toshiba and .Macys.

The list keeps growing, but at a slower rate than the first few years, .cpa and .gay are the only new additions in 2019.

These domain suffixes have been around for years, but are still relatively rare. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider before using a custom TLD.

Disadvantages of using custom domain extensions

The biggest concern when using a new domain extension is that it goes against standards. People are familiar with .com and .org. So .food or .radio can confuse users.

Another problem is that new domain extensions aren’t easy to remember. ㅏ GrowthBadger Research shows that the most memorable TLD is the .com domain name with 44% accurate memories. And when I forgot the extension, .com was the most speculated option.

Another concern is reliability. Do you trust domain extensions that people don’t know?

GrowthBadger has also confirmed that .com has been voted the most trusted domain extension. But at number 6, .blog, which proves that the new domain extension is just as reliable as the major ones.

These drawbacks can hinder your transactions when it comes to choosing a domain name, but as the internet evolves, custom TLDs will become more common. This rise in popularity makes custom TLDs easier to recognize.

Benefits of using custom domain extensions

One of the main reasons to consider extending a new domain is when you choose the first one. Custom TLDs have more options and availability.

Since the selection list is long, you can choose to extend a new domain to give your business a unique domain name. You can even start a conversation like Driftaway. Blog post Describes domain selection.

Descriptive domain extensions can also benefit your business. You can choose a custom TLD such as .dentist or .attorney to support branding for your business. Customers will understand your service simply by looking at your URL.

Choosing a custom extension can also move people to different parts of your website. For example Emirates.store This is the official Emirates store page.

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Domain names can affect search engine optimization (SEO), and domain extension also plays a role in SEO. Google said Not ranking new TLDs If it’s higher, there are still some advantages to using a custom TLD.

Custom TLDs can add keywords to your URLs, and SEO agency Globe Runner has determined that it will help you rank in relevant searches and improve your conversion rates. Custom domain names can also create long tail keywords that are helpful for SEO.

Final thought: what is a new domain extension and why you want it

ICANN launched a custom domain extension almost a decade ago, but it’s still gaining momentum on the internet. New domain extensions offer options beyond the commonly used domain suffix.

New TLDs may be less recognizable and memorable, but URLs can provide more information and contribute to SEO.

When choosing a domain suffix, consider extending your custom domain.

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