Wix Best Pricing Plans For 2022 Compared

Tons of people looking for Wix prices After all, it’s a monster in the world of web creators. However, there are so many plans I found confusing. And We try and research almost daily.

We have seven plus plans in total:

  1. Combo
  2. Unlimited
  3. Pro
  4. VIP
  5. Business Basic
  6. Business Unlimited
  7. Business VIP

Let’s start and review each plan.

Wix Pricing Plans and costs

All this is broken down according to how it is paid.

If you pay monthly, you are paying more.

But if you pay one or two years in advance, the overall monthly average is much lower.

For example, under the combo, if you pay annually, the average is $ 13 per month.

So, $ 13 X 12 = $ 156 from your pocket instead of paying $ 17 monthly which add up to $ 204

A savings of $ 48 all year long.

Wix Pricing Plans:

  • Combo – (From month to month it will be $ 17 per month) – (Paid annually – Comes to $ 13 Monthly) – (2 years paid: $ 10.50 per month ) – (3 years paid – $ 9 per month)
  • Unlimited – (Month to month will be $ 22 per month) – (Annual paid – Comes to $ 17 per month) – (2 years paid – Comes to $ 13.50 per month) – (3 years paid – $ 12 per month)
  • Pro – (Month to month will be $ 27 per month) (Paid annually: $ 22 per month) – (2 years paid – $ 18 per month) – (3 years paid – $ 16 per month)
  • VIP – (Month to month be $ 47 per month) – (Paid annually – Results at $ 39 Monthly) – (2 years paid – Sale at $ 35 per month) – (3 years paid – Sale at $ 31 per month)
  • Business Basi c – (Month to month will be $ 28 per month) – (Payed annually – Expires at $ 23 per month) – (2 years paid – Comes to $ 20 monthly ales) – (3 years paid – Expires at $ 18 per month) [19659009] Business Unlimited – (Month to month will be $ 33 per month) – (Paid annually – Comes at $ 27 per month) – (2 years paid – Sale at $ 23.50 per month) – (3 years paid – Comes $ 19 per month)
  • Business VIP – (Month to month will be $ 56 per month) – (Annual paid – Sale at $ 49 monthly) – (2 years paid – Sale at $ 42 per month) – (3 years paid: $ 38.50 per month)

Well, let’s review each one and see what you are getting.

You can try Wix Freely

Website Plans

 Wix Business Plans

Wix Combo Plan

This is an ad-free option for you.

Super limited to 2 GB of bandwidth that limits it.

Perfect to receive between 20 and 30 daily visits.

Each page on your Wix site will have an average of just over 1GB

Maybe a close call to use this option.

But, it might be worth trying, as I said if you’re just a small local company.

Unlimited plan: I would choose this to start

This is the plan for me that makes the most sense to use for a business.

you start having unlimited bandwidth

Which you do not have to worry about traffic.

Also, you get a 1- free domain of the year, which is good.

In general, in my opinion, the best option for a small business.

Plan Pro

Wix considers it the best value plan in the business plans.

This is mainly what I can say is that it marks better.

They want to give it a logo to help the brand.

What, it’s great, I’d say.

Also, an extra. The video that you can upload (if embedding from YouTube or other services is unlimited)

In general, the little else you get is probably not something I do.

Of course, I also make my logo or use a service provider like this Fiverr.

In a few words, very similar to the unlimited.

But, that brand option may be a small characteristic for you.

I know, when I finished at the beginning, it would have been a great moment.

VIP Plan

The VIP plan is all about offering priority assistance and that’s it.

What, could be good for some.

But, yes

You will be offered telephone assistance Monday through Thursday from 6 a.m. at 5 p.m. PST

and also, when you enter a question about the Wix responses, your question will be sent to the top. Try

Wix Tree

Wix Ecommerce Pricing Plans

 Wix Ecommerce Pricing Plans

All 3 of these are mostly similar with just some characteristics that separate them.

They offer a 100% free commission for the sale, which is good.

Of course, keep in mind that I will continue to pay the processing fees for the credit card.

It just sounds good to hear a free commission.

that they could change something.

Basic business plan: I would choose this to start

This is the first plan to offer e-commerce and be able to sell.

Wix, as well as nothing, will be charged to sell.

Simply does not offer priority assistance or help with the logo

Business Unlimited Plan

With this plan, the difference is that you are receiving brand help

A simple way to get logos for your site or media social ccommunication

In addition, time and additional video storage.

VIP Plan

The difference with this plan is that they offer you priority assistance on the phone.


your Wix and Wix Totally Free Test

The Wix Free Plan

You were probably wondering why I did not mention it yet.

The main reason:

I do not like it, LOL

This is just to have you sign up.

What a great marketing tactic is on your part.

However, I understand it.

It is useful for clubs, or basic information to publish it.

My soccer club uses it to have us somewhere to get information.

It works because we do not.

But never use it for more than just a basic place to get information.

You must pay at least one basic plan to have the proper adjustment.

Do you have the Wix offer for students? Prices?


Wix offers a good 50{a2a459a7dcda73c4ed1e4d74ab29905b7286f37f9394739fa86ab2c8b4b2ec7f} discount for annual premium plans with Student Beans.

Just go here and scroll a bit down to find the code and the site open.

Top Questions Like ked About Wix

Let’s review the most popular questions people ask.

  • What is a premium plan  Actually, these are the plans you will use to create a website? You can start using it for free, but most likely, these plans will use them and we talked about in this article.
  • How do I get a free domain  Annual and multi-year plans include the coupon to get it? You will see it when you pay to buy your premium plan.
  • Can you try a free premium plan? – Wix does this differently than it should. You pay in advance but you have 14 days to try it and get a refund. I would say that they are excellent for the reimbursement, but I would like to simply see that they offer a premium plan to start, then if after 14 days you pay.
  • How do I get a personalized email address? – Wix is ​​associated with G Suite (Google), which can buy a plan from $ 4 to $ 5 per month by email address. This is a fair price and it’s Google. The other option is, let’s say, connecting your domain to another provider where you buy your domain. They can also have a web interface to log in for free.
  • Payment is accepted online – Wix accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Additional payment options may be available at your location. specific location.

Our Advise on Wix pricing plans

Well, We think we can both agree. Sure they offer a ton of plans. You could consolidate a ton personally. In general, I chose one for each category that is probably best suited to you. Check it out and see for yourself. However, once you find one, decide it. it could be better to buy several years. What do you think of all the Wix pricing plans?

The first Wix pricing plans for 2022 (Compared and broken down for you) first appeared Create a website today.